Sunday, April 3, 2011

In My Mailbox (6)

In My Mailbox is a meme started by Kristi at The Story Siren. It's for us bloggers to show everyone the awesome new books we got this week! This week I got:
Fallout by Ellen Hopkins

Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves

I Will Always Love You by Cecily von Ziegesar

The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney


I got all of these from my local borders that's closing soon. They had everything in the store at least half off, but most of the shelves were empty. I really had to scrounge for this awesome bunch. I can't believe I got Delirium. It's my dream come true. I'm so happy, this is the best day ever. Sorry the picture is so dark, but I'm too lazy to move to another room of the house that gets better lighting. I also got a book on netgalley but I'm not really sure what is it. I've never heard of it, but I requested it anyway and got it. Here it is:
Lost in Dreams by Roger Bruner

By the way, I'm reading Unearthly right now, and the review will probably be up sometime this week. But I'm kind of like, I have so many books to read right now and it's kind of freaking me out. Sometimes I like that. Like I'll go to the library and request like 20 books from the computer and then they all come in in like throughout the course of a week, and I become a speed reading beast. But I have a lot of books to read online and I don't have an ereader, and I really hate reading form my computer screen, but I want to read and review these books before they come out. But I also want to jump in my new pile of books. So I don't know. But anyway, what did you guys get in your mailboxes this week??


  1. Unearthly and Delirium are both awesome! I have the same problem as you. I have tons of awesome books right now. There are too many of them and I don't know which to read first. I also have tons of ARCs in NetGalley, but I don't have an e-reader and I HATE reading from my computer! Still, happy reading!

    Chel @ The Procrastinator's Corner

  2. I've heard so many great things about Delirium! It's sounds like such an amazing book, and I can't wait to read it!

  3. we have got a few similar this week, happy reading

    The Book Mystress, xx