Thursday, February 10, 2011


Author: Nancy Werlin
Rating: 2.5/5 Stars
Summary: Phoebe finds herself drawn to Mallory, the strange and secretive new kid in school, and the two girls become as close as sisters . . . until Mallory's magnetic older brother, Ryland, shows up during their junior year. Ryland has an immediate, exciting hold on Phoebe, but a dangerous hold, for she begins to question her feelings about her best friend and, worse, about herself. Soon she'll discover the shocking truth about Ryland and Mallory: that these two are visitors from the faerie realm who have come to collect on an age-old debt. Generations ago, the faerie queen promised Pheobe's ancestor five extraordinary sons in exchange for the sacrifice of one ordinary female heir. But in hundreds of years there hasn't been a single ordinary girl in the family, and now the faeries are dying. Could Phoebe be the first ordinary one? Could she save the faeries, or is she special enough to save herself?

Review: So I originally didn't really plan on reading this book, but I was at the library and I didn't have anything new to read, so I thought I'd give this book a try since I really liked Nancy Werlin's other book, Impossible. And when I read the summary, it didn't say anything about a faerie realm. (I usually try to skip books with faeries in them because I find the subject boring.)
    So at the beginning I really liked this book. I found Mallory to be unique and intriguing and Phoebe was so innocent and sweet it was kind of weird. But then towards the middle of the book, when Ryland came and the faerie realm was getting to be a bigger part in the plot, I didn't really like it. Ryland was not developed at all, and seemed so fake and empty it was like he was a plastic doll. Pretty much the only thing that kept me interested was why the faeries wanted Phoebe so much, and what she would do about it. The other thing I did like about this book was there was no epic paranormal romance with true loves that could never be together, like it seems is in every other paranormal book lately. There was a "relationship" between Phoebe and Ryland, but it was all a lie, and you could tell it had no meaning. It was even a happy fling that you find in realistic fiction books. The only real relationships during the book was Phoebe and Mallory's friendship, and Phoebe's relationship with her parents. That was a breath of fresh air. In most books nowadays the parents are the enemy and are not cool or kind at all.
    So this book wasn't really my cup of tea, but the writing and plot wasn't bad, it was just not for me. But if you like faeries and need a break from all these dramatic love stories, this is the book for you.

P.S. Isn't that cover GORGY?! I'm a sucker for pretty covers.

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  1. This is on my to-read pile, but I really liked your thoughts on it... great review!