Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teenage Waistland

Author: Lynn Biederman and Lisa Pazer
Rating: 4/5 Stars
 Summary: Marcie, Bobby, East, and Char are candidates for a teen surgical weight-loss trial. Each is severely overweight, and each has significant issues in their past that have led to their current need for surgical intervention. Three of the teens alternate the narration in a novel that is surprisingly upbeat given its emotional intensity. A mandatory support group dubbed Teenage Waistland brings the teens together with others undergoing the trial. They are encouraged to explore their habits and relationship with food, and in doing so, they uncover and face demons ranging from parental disapproval to suicide and statutory rape. Although group-leader Betsy’s role sometimes lends the air of a self-help book wrapped in a novel’s cover, the teens themselves are vibrantly drawn characters whose journeys into their past as they envision a healthier future for themselves will draw laughs, tears, and much compassion. (From Booklist).

Review: When I first discovered this book on another blogger's Books to Pine For, I new I wanted to read it. And not only because it's got a funky cover. I think the topic is really interesting. I actually thought at first that the Lap-Band surgery was something made up by the author, until someone I know mentioned they were getting it.
    But anyway, once I got into the first few chapters, I was afraid that the characters would be phony and get annoying, because they were taking the easy way out of their problems. That really annoys me. But then I really got to get to know them, as they were very well developed and deep characters. I also really liked how they weren't always serious and were really fun characters to read about.
    I also really like the authors' writing styles. That and the plot kept me interested throughout the book, where most books usually get a little boring.
   Well, I feel like I should write more, but I can't really think of anything as the book was a simple story. But I definitely think that most people who read this will enjoy it. It's a nice beach read, or at least a spring break read.

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