Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Author: Sophie Jordan
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Summary: Jacinda is extraordinary–even for a draki (descendants of dragons who can shift into human form): she is a fire-breather. Unique and invaluable to her “pride,” the 16-year-old is kept on a short leash, and it has already been ordained that she will mate with the alpha male, Cassian. Jacinda's determination to do things her own way finds her nearly captured by dragon hunters, but a surprisingly kind young hunter named Will allows her to escape. Rather than suffer the pride's punishment for her daughter's risky behavior, Jacinda's mother decides the family should flee to live among regular humans. Masquerading as a typical high school student would bury Jacinda's draki nature until it died out. When Will turns out to be a classmate, Jacinda finds that her inexplicable attraction to him keeps her feel of fire and flight alive. Being near a hunter is the most dangerous choice Jacinda can make, yet her desire for him–and need to preserve her inner dragon–cannot be ignored. (From


    I got this book for Christmas, and finished it in one day it was so good. I usually don't go for fantasy books, but this was more of a paranormal romance than a fantasy. And I've never read a book on dragons, or "draki" as they're called in this book. Also, I'm not going to lie, the cover is awesome and that's another reason I wanted to read it.
    The first chapter of Firelight drew me in immediately, with the main character, Jacinda, and her best friend in draki form  about to break the pride rules by flying in broad daylight. The imagery is excellent; I could picture the surroundings perfectly. Then the action began. There was not one boring part in this book, whether Jacinda was fleeing for her life, starting her new school, or having steamy hookups with Will.
    Speaking of Will, I had mixed feelings about him. I liked him in the beginning, when he was mysterious and dangerous, but then when he and Jacinda became closer, he got boring and a little too mushy for my taste. I also didn't like most of the other supporting characters. Her old best friend from the pride was really sweet and caring, even though you don't see much of her. When she gets to the school and makes a new friend, the new friend is really clueless and didn't have much of a personality. Jacinda also had an identical twin sister, and I like the idea of that, but she turned out to be really selfish and uncaring, though I could see where she was coming from. Also, the mom was just like the sister; selfish and uncaring. She was trying to hurt her daughter, in her opinion, for the best, and it just made me hate her.
    Overall, the book was really good, and the paranormal part of it was well thought-out and created by Jordan. The ending was left open, so there will definitely be a sequel, and I will be reading it.

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  1. Hmmm sounds interesting!!! I like fantasy too and can't say that I have ever read paranormal romance!