Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Lost Saint

Author: Bree Despain
Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
Summary: A family destroyed. A love threatened. An enemy returns.

Grace Divine made the ultimate sacrifice to cure Daniel Kalbi. She was infected with he werewolf curse while trying to save him, and lost her beloved brother in the process.

Desperate to find Jude, Grace befriends Talbot, a newcomer to town. But as the two grow closer, Grace's relationship with Daniel is put in danger -- in more ways than one.

Unaware of the dark path she is walking, Grace begins to give into the wolf inside of her -- not realizing that an enemy has returned and a deadly trap is about to be sprung. 

Review: I loved the first book in this trilogy, The Dark Divine. But as with other second books in a series, I had sort of low expectations for it, because second books usually follow the same format; everything starts out all happy and love-y, but then there is a conflict between the main character and the love interest, and eventually at the end, they make up, but with a problem to be resolved in the third book. The Lost Saint did follow this, but it didn't take away from the story like I expected. 
    Okay, so the last review I did I said how all the books lately that I've read I've hated the love interest. Well, I still love Daniel from this series. I could see how some people wouldn't like him in this book, though. He was so secretive and kind of ignored Grace. I also really like Grace. I think because she kind of acts like me. If I were in her position, I would have done the exact same things throughout the book. And I don't feel that way about main characters often. Sometimes I just want to scream at them when they're being stupid or whiny. Also, another problem I have with paranormal romance sequels is usually the mysterious boy that the main character fell in love with in the first book gets boring because all his secrets and past are discovered already at the end of the first book. This makes the second book boring for me. Sometimes I only read the second book so I can read the last one, which is always awesome. But since in The Lost Saint, Daniel kept sneaking off for days on end without telling anyone, keeping even more secrets, and doing weird things that distanced himself and Grace, it kept me interested. Talbot, the new character introduced in this book, was also kind of cool in the beginning, but then he got kind of pushy. But Grace wasn't a pushover, so that was good.
    Overall, it was a really good sequel to a really good book. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do, because I really liked it. The only reason I didn't give it five stars was because only my very favorite books get five stars.

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